About us

Christian Fellowship International (CFI) is a thriving  Christian, Interdenominational  consortium of churches and fellowships  across the United States  that seeks to bring member Churches together in the United States and spreading across the world for fellowship, support, education, sharing of ideas and resources for ministry, to provide a common witness, and to hold each other accountable for the ministry of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Fellowship had its beginnings in 2005 in when interested congregations met in Atlanta in April at Simpson wood for an Easter Conference. We became formally organized in 2006 in NC. From a couple of churches we have continued to grow and have member churches and affiliated groups in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington DC, North Carolina, Indiana, and other States.

Since 2005 the following congregations have hosted Christian Fellowship International (CFI) Conferences: Pilgrims Community Church: Atlanta, GA-2005. Shepherd’s House UMC: Durham, NC-2006. Pilgrims Community Church: Atlanta, GA-2007.  Dallas UMC Fellowship-2008. Boston UMC Fellowship: Leadership Training & CFI  Conf.-2009. Pilgrims Community Church: Atlanta, GA: Leadership Training-2010. Zimbabwe UMC in Minnesota: CFI Conf–2010. Zimbabwe Fellowship Lovers Lane; All Saints UMC Richardson and Wesleyan Church: Leadership Training–2011. UMC Florida Fellowship: CFI Conf. – 2011. Shepherd’s house UMC: Raleigh NC: CFI Conf.-2012. Pilgrims Community Church: Atlanta, GA,  followed by Boston  and most recently Orlando Fellowship.

Rev. Christopher Chikoore was the first President of CFI from 2006 to 2012, then   Rev. Dr. Japhat  Ndemera. until 2016. Pastor Hazel James took over and led until 2019. We owe them a  debt of gratitude for their dedicated leadership. The current President of CFI is once again Rev. Dr Japhat Ndemera with Rev. Sakala as the Vice President.